Commercial Water Damage

If you have commercial water damage, Insight Restoration is available around the clock 24/7 for all your emergency water damage mitigation needs.  Commercial water damage is a highly technical process.  Insight Restoration’s professionally trained and certified commercial drying specialists have unrivaled experience.

Restore your Property with the help of the Titan 5000 HE:

Insight Restoration has been instrumental in the recovery of hundreds of commercial water losses as well as every major hurricane, wide spread flooding and natural disaster.  Insight Restoration partners with Drynamic Equipment to utilize their patented Titan 5000 HE.  The Titan HE is a high efficiency desiccant dehumidifier that represents the only major advancement seen over the last 40 years in our industry. The Titan 5000 HE is a stand-alone unit with a built-in generator, two 100 gallon fuel tanks, burns only 2.25 gallons per hour which gives the Titan 5000 HE a 3 day run time without refueling.  This gives Insight Restoration an advantage to restore your commercial property faster and more efficiently which in turn saves you time and money

Solutions & Technology For Water Damage:

Commercial water damage can shut down hotels, hospitals, universities, office buildings or bring building operations to a halt. From water extraction to dehumidification Insight Restoration can handle all of your commercial water damage needs. Our capabilities will provide your building with the highest quality, most efficient and cost effective solutions and technology to reduce your business interruption.  With our national team of resources available 24/7 we can handle any unfortunate commercial water loss and get you back in business in the shortest time possible.  Our patent desiccant technology is very quiet for all commercial uses, especially where minimal noise is crucial.

We Can Handle All of Your Water Damage Needs:

Insight Restoration will work with your insurance company or the business, if it’s self-insured to restore your property back to pre-loss condition.  We are available around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your commercial water damage.

Commercial Titan HE 5000

If there is a flood or water damage event in your commercial building call Insight Restoration. We have our own patented Titan HE desiccant dehumidifiers. Unlike traditional equipment the Titan is a complete all in one unit. It can be up and running within minutes of arriving on site and does not require a separate generator or fuel tank to operate it. There is no need to wait for nor pay for an electrician to hook the desiccant up to the generator. There is no need to place the fuel tank and or generator into secondary fuel containment tubs or berms as the Titan has built in secondary containment. Not only are the Titan HE Desiccants self-powered they also provide extra electricity with which to power enough air movers or other equipment to complete the dry down. If you couple these features with the additional benefits of its using under ¼ of the fuel that standard generators consume and that the Titan is less than 65 decibels the units are simply unbeatable. They will save thousands in operating costs while still having excellent performance.

Uses for the Titan HE desiccants

There are many uses for the versatile Titan dehumidifiers. They are used in the painting and coatings industry, water damaged buildings, new construction, climate control, concrete curing, process dehumidification, ship yards and general dehumidification.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

No matter the size or severity of your flooded building Insight Restoration will work with you and your insurance company to restore your property back to a pre-loss condition.  We are available throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your dehumidification needs.

Commercial Sewage Removal

If your commercial building has sustained a sewer backup, Insight Restoration has the equipment and professional manpower necessary to quickly get your business back up and running.  Not only can commercial sewage backups cause substantial structural damage but sewage also contains many disease-causing bacteria that are a hazard to the health of the building occupants.

Sewage Backup:

If you have raw sewage in the basement of your store or overflowing waste water from a city backup, Insight Restoration’s top priority will be to minimize your down time and to get you back into business as soon as possible.  Insight Restoration has certified technicians that will promptly and professionally perform cleanup for your commercial sewage problems.  We uphold the highest standards while providing the highest quality of cleaning sanitizing and decontamination.

We will Handle all of your Sewage Backup Needs:

Contact Insight Restoration for the removal and safe cleanup of your sewer backup to ensure your building and occupants are safe from potential health dangers.  We are available throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul, around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your sewage backup removal.

Commercial Mold Removal

After flooding, fire, disaster, HVAC failure and other situations where moisture is released into the building a large buildup of mold and mildew may occur.  It is very important to understand the need to control mold and mildew growth as well as to effectively remove it quickly from commercial buildings, schools, high-rises, factories and other places where people or animals could be affected by the mold.  Insight Restoration is your leading expert in commercial property recovery.

Exposure to Mold:

All commercial buildings are susceptible to mold infestation due to the fact that they contain many substances that are an ideal food source and when wetted will become infested with mold requiring a professionally trained and certified commercial mold remediation specialist.  Your building maintenance team should be vigilant for any areas of elevated moisture in the building in order to maintain a mold free environment.  Mold infestations can occur quickly. In just 48-72 hours your building can go from a safe building to a building with significant damage that can put the well-being of your personnel and even your business itself at risk.  Commercial mold infestations should never be underestimated.  They can cause major complications with mechanicals, structure, company operations, air quality and the health of occupants.  The more a person is exposed to mold the more likely they are to exhibit allergic reactions, headaches, sneezing, red eyes, runny nose, skin rashes and induce asthma attacks in individuals with asthma.    Mold can also irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs of these who are not allergic to mold. You want to take quick decisive action in order to avoid your building from becoming known as a “sick building” a stigma that can keep away otherwise interested tenants. At Insight Restoration we can effectively handle your companies mold situation so you no longer have to worry about the threat it poses to your business.  Our expert, professional and certified technicians will rid your building of mold, pass a mold clearance test and help you implement a prevention plan that will minimize the likely hood of the mold reoccurring.

Ensure the Mold is properly removed from your Business:

Contact Insight Restoration in Minneapolis/St Paul today for commercial mold removal to restore health and safety back into your business environment.  We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the mold damage, the cleanup process, estimated cost and time frame to complete the mold removal project.

Commercial Services

When your commercial property sustains water or fire damage taking the correct steps are crucial to the survival of you or your tenant’s business as well as the building itself which often represents your single biggest investment. Some of those decisions can actually be made in advance of the event. Developing and keeping current a disaster plan can speed your recovery from a loss. Having In Sight Restoration assist with the development and implementation of the plan will assure that your recovery goes smoothly with a minimum of down time and cost. We can assist with the drying out of your buildings and with other services that help with business continuity. We can provide temporary: climate control, power, lighting, security etc. Another important aspect of recovery is the protection of business data and records. Prioritization of climate control for computer centers and drying of wet documents is very important. Many businesses can survive the loss of their building but not their records. In most cases, your building can be dried with a minimum of business interruption. We have large desiccant dehumidifiers that stay outside the building and provide dehumidification for the entire building.


Steps to Recovery

  • Call In Sight Drying 24/7/365. All calls are answered by operators who will connect you to a recovery specialist. Recovery specialist will gather pertinent information and dispatch personnel.
  • Crews arrive quickly and further assess the situation. Crew leader will consult with customer to determine what their priorities are. Any safety concerns will be addressed first.
  • Technicians will start extracting water and moving valuables out of affected areas. If there are any wet documents they are cataloged, packed out and brought to our facility. In the case of a fire most contents of the affected area will be cleaned on site or packed out for cleaning at our facility.
  • Dehumidification and climate control systems will be set up. For fire jobs we will install HEPA filtered air scrubbers.
  • Removal of debris and damaged building materials will be performed.
  • All affected areas will be treated with the safest and green spray on the market. Any furniture that needs to stay in place is propped up on foam blocks.
  • Air movers are brought in and set up. Portable refrigerant dehumidifiers are brought in and set up.
  • Job site is monitored daily. Building owner/manager is updated and any priority tasks are completed. For fire jobs the whole building is deodorized.
  • Once drying is complete any reconstruction that is needed can be performed.
  • Dried carpeting is typically cleaned then furniture & contents are cleaned and reset.
  • Any final tasks requested by customer are completed and any documents that were dried are returned and placed back to their previous locations.

Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Fire Damage

Insight Restoration is the area’s leading restoration company that possesses all of the equipment, knowledge and technology to handle the tasks associated with the cleanup and repairs following a fire. At Insight Restoration we understand the importance of business continuity. We work to minimize your business’ downtime by prioritizing tasks that will get your business back up and running.  We have the capabilities to quickly and thoroughly restore your property.

Fire Restoration with the Titan 5000 HE

Restoring a commercial building after a structural fire requires specialized equipment.  Insight Restoration is the industry leader in energy efficient technology.  Our Titan 5000 HE unit is self-powered dehumidifier, with low fuel consumptions, providing a potential fuel reduction of 100’s of gallons per day!!  Lightweight aluminum construction with a remarkable 65 db. at 25 feet is comparable to a conversation in an office or background music.  The Titan 5000 HE can be placed in any environment with minimal disturbance to others.

Fire Cleanup Steps:

Insight Restoration will be with you every step of the way.  Our fire restoration services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Emergency board up and temporary fencing
  • 24/7 onsite temporary security for your property
  • Emergency water removal and pre-clean to prevent further damage
  • Professional evaluation of the property structure and contents
  • Smoke damage cleanup
  • Soot removal
  • Odor control services
  • Contents inventory, cleaning and storage
  • Structural restoration
  • Coordination with your insurance company


We Will Handle All of Your Fire Damage Needs

Our Minnesota commercial fire damage team is committed to quality. No matter how extensive the smoke and fire damage may be we can help.  For fire damage cleanup, mitigation and restoration services, contact Insight Restoration.  We are a locally owned Minnesota business with a national reputation for excellence.  Our friendly and professional staff will help alleviate your stress by guiding you through the restoration process from beginning to end.  We are available around the clock 24/7 for all of your commercial fire damage needs regardless of size.

Document Cleaning

If your business records have been damaged due to a: hurricane, fire, river flood, sewer back-up or other source you may need to have them cleaned and disinfected. Call Insight Restoration to have your documents thoroughly cleaned and dried. Depending on the source the proper cleaning method is chosen and the documents are meticulously cleaned and disinfected. Whether it be mold, soot or silt damage we will disinfect the documents to make them safe to handle. Sometimes when documents are damaged with sewer or mold the best thing to do is to disinfect, dry and then photocopy the documents. The new copies are safe to handle while the originals can be sealed, boxed and stored until they are no longer needed. With partially burnt documents the soot can be removed and the burnt part of the paper can be trimmed off to provide a clean usable document. Documents can also be treated with Ozone or irradiated to make the originals safe to handle.