Commercial Fire Damage

Insight Restoration is the area’s leading restoration company that possesses all of the equipment, knowledge and technology to handle the tasks associated with the cleanup and repairs following a fire. At Insight Restoration we understand the importance of business continuity. We work to minimize your business’ downtime by prioritizing tasks that will get your business back up and running.  We have the capabilities to quickly and thoroughly restore your property.

Fire Restoration with the Titan 5000 HE

Restoring a commercial building after a structural fire requires specialized equipment.  Insight Restoration is the industry leader in energy efficient technology.  Our Titan 5000 HE unit is self-powered dehumidifier, with low fuel consumptions, providing a potential fuel reduction of 100’s of gallons per day!!  Lightweight aluminum construction with a remarkable 65 db. at 25 feet is comparable to a conversation in an office or background music.  The Titan 5000 HE can be placed in any environment with minimal disturbance to others.