Document Cleaning

If your business records have been damaged due to a: hurricane, fire, river flood, sewer back-up or other source you may need to have them cleaned and disinfected. Call Insight Restoration to have your documents thoroughly cleaned and dried. Depending on the source the proper cleaning method is chosen and the documents are meticulously cleaned and disinfected. Whether it be mold, soot or silt damage we will disinfect the documents to make them safe to handle. Sometimes when documents are damaged with sewer or mold the best thing to do is to disinfect, dry and then photocopy the documents. The new copies are safe to handle while the originals can be sealed, boxed and stored until they are no longer needed. With partially burnt documents the soot can be removed and the burnt part of the paper can be trimmed off to provide a clean usable document. Documents can also be treated with Ozone or irradiated to make the originals safe to handle.

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