Document Pack Out

If your vital records and documents have sustained damage call Insight Restoration for help and we can assist you to quickly develop a plan. We will work with you to categorize documents by priority level so that your most important documents are processed first thus making them available for your use as quickly as possible. While it is very important to get any wet documents frozen to stabilize them it is also very important to properly inventory, label and box the documents. The proper documentation of where the records come from is very important to getting them back to the exact shelf, box or drawer where they came from. We will place labeling on the shelving or file drawer indicating the box number that the documents that were in that location went to. We place matching barcode stickers on the shelf, drawer, box and master inventory list. We also use permanent markers to mark the information on the box as a backup procedure. Proper labeling and handling procedures also make it possible for you to request certain files which can then be immediately returned to you. You cannot have a successful document restoration process without an expertly handled pack out.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

Call Insight Restoration for help with packing out of your wet documents. We are available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your document drying needs. We can also help advise you how to inventory, pack and ship your documents to us for restoration.