Formaldehyde Removal

At Insight Restoration our goal is to help you keep your home and business safe.  We specialize in addressing environmental concerns regarding higher than excepted levels of formaldehyde.  We want to make sure you are not exposed to the health consequences of formaldehyde in your home or business in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Formaldehyde can be released into the air (off-gas) from materials and products made with formaldehyde in them.  Formaldehyde can affect people differently; exposure may potentially cause a variety of symptoms such as eye, nose, throat and skin irritation, coughing, wheezing and allergic reactions.  The problem occurs when levels exceed what is considered to be safe and negative health effects can result.

Home or Business Formaldehyde Remediation:

Insight Restoration will perform testing in your home or any commercial building to determine if you are exposing yourself or others to a potential harmful substance.  If excessive levels are found, Insight Restoration will provide you with an abatement plan for the safe removal and cleanup of the contaminated products.  Insight Restoration will educate and provide you with expert advice on materials that need to be removed verses products that can be made safe.  Additionally, our plan will include how to maintain safe levels of formaldehyde to prevent future unwanted exposure.

Ensure your Home or Business is Safe:

Contact Insight Restoration for removal and safe cleanup of your formaldehyde to ensure you, your family or your employees are safe from potential health dangers.