LGR Dehumidifier Rental

If your home or business has sustained water damage you need to act quickly to avoid further damage. You may be able to do the work necessary to dry out your building but not have the equipment to do it. Call Insight Restoration to rent LGR dehumidifiers and fans. LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers are high performance refrigerant dehumidifiers that will effectively remove the moisture from the air of your flooded structure. When you are trying to dry out a building there is no other piece of equipment more crucial than a good properly sized dehumidifier(s). We have hundreds of dehumidifiers of several different sizes all of which include automatic pumping systems that will empty the dehumidifier into a sink or drain. You can either pick them up from our Minneapolis facility or have us deliver them to you. We can also rent air movers as well as extension cords, GFI’s and other ancillary equipment needed to set up an entire drying system in your home or business.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

Call Insight Restoration to rent dehumidifiers and other drying equipment. We are available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with dehumidifier needs.