Portable Vacuum Freeze Dryer

If your vital records have been damaged due to fire or water damage you will need to act quickly in order to save them. While it’s true that it is cheaper to have documents dried and restored at an off-site facility frequently for security or practicality reasons your damaged documents cannot leave your possession.   Call Insight Restoration for help and we can work with you to develop a quick plan. We can arrange for a secure portable freezer unit to be placed at or in your facility. We will then catalog, box, label and place your damaged documents into the portable freezer unit. We will ship a large portable vacuum freeze dryer to your facility. We will then dry the documents right at your location thus allowing you to have access to your documents. This set up allows your personnel to control the security of the records during the entire process.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

Call Insight Restoration for help with your damaged documents. We are available not only in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area around the clock 24/7 but can also travel nationwide so no matter the location or time we can assist you with your document drying needs.