Water Extraction and Removal

Insight Restoration’s top priority is to quickly remove all of the standing water from your home in this most traumatic time.  When a pipe breaks, sink overflows, sump pump fails, natural disaster occurs or other source causes standing water in your home we are the Minneapolis/St Paul’s IICRC certified specialist for water extraction no matter the source.

Risk of Standing Water:

There are many risks of standing water in your home.  The most dangerous of those risk is electricity which can cause electrocution and electrical fires.  Other hazards are sharp items, contaminants, viruses or bacteria in the water, slippery walking conditions and water wicking up the walls/ceilings making the structure unsound.  If the water has been standing for over 24 hrs, you could be at risk of mold growth which could be dangerous to you and your loved ones health.  Let Insight’s professionally trained and IICRC certified technicians safely removal the water from your home.

What you can Expect:

We will inspect the property and develop a mitigation plan based on your needs.  We will extract the water using either our portable or truck mount extractors. After most of the water is removed we can begin the drying and dehumidification process to stop any further damage, along with disinfecting the affected areas.

Next we will relocate or pack out all heirlooms, photo albums, documents such as tax, medical or business records etc. that we can be dried and restored with our vacuum freeze dryer at our secure location.  We will work with you to assess items to determine what will be cleaned, put in storage or dispose of items that are unsalvageable.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

Insight Restoration will work with your insurance company to restore your property back to pre-loss condition.  We are available around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your water damage.