Water Heater Flood

A water heater can cause major damage.  When it develops a leak, it may not come rushing out all at once, most of the time it is a small leak that may go unnoticed for many days.  This small leak can turn into a total tank blow out causing major damage to your home or business. The heating element can stick on and boil the water inside of the water heater raising the pressure inside of the tank to extremely dangerous levels which should cause the relief valve to shoot out hot scalding water.  Even worse is if the relief valve does not activate and the pressure goes so high that the water heater explodes which of course can cause severe injury and certainly substantial damage to your building.

Drying after a water heater flood:

Insight Restoration has professional trained technicians that can inspect your property and create a drying plan based on your needs and the extent of the damage.  We utilize top industry drying technics and IICRC certified technicians to assist in water heater flood clean up. Since hot water soaks into materials much faster than cold water it often does more damage than a similarly sized standard water loss.

We will Handle all of your Needs:

Insight Restoration will work with your insurance company to restore your property back to a pre-loss condition.  We are available in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, around the clock 24/7 so no matter the time we can assist you with your water heater flood.